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Figge Art Museum
June 2019

Theme: Solve for X

The pace of change is picking up speed, disrupting the inertia of the status quo. Technology, humanity -- and our own lives -- are evolving in real time, faster than ever before. This is an invitation to choose our response. Will we resist? Can we iterate? How will we transform?


The Power of Failure

Dan Bush

The Simplest Way to Bring Down the Cost of College

Mark Salisbury

Stripped: The Art of Being Seen

Sarah Stevens

Hip Hop in the Classroom

Christopher Britton

Decisions, Decisions

Matt Stutzman

Pressing on in Depression

Altease Ramsey

Being Informed to Trauma

Jeff Wallace

Music Needs Art

Lindsay O'Brien

The Surprising Power of Emotional Connection

Chrissy Weems

Serendipity and Determination Conspire

Steve Sinner

How to Make Music with a Household Object

John Merikoski

Taking Action to Clean the Planet

Lisa Heaton

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