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TEDx Programming Work

We are not just party planners. Our team works countless hours to create and craft the area's premier TEDxDavenport events, including:

- Content strategy: Developing content for social media, and storytelling
- Experience design: Designing activities for attendees to engage with during the conference
- Partnership development: Connecting business and community leaders to the conference
- Speaker training: Coaching speakers and running event rehearsals
- Project management: Managing internal communication, projects, and goals
- Event Production: Running the live event, including visuals and cues
- Venue design: Designing and planning venue spaces and the stage, including look and function
- Visual design: Graphic design of the event, including marketing materials, badges, and theme
and more....

Our TEDxDavenport Team

Andrea Olson
QC Ideas Alliance and TEDxDavenport Executive Director and Producer

Christine Caves
QC Ideas Alliance and TEDxDavenport Co-Director and Producer

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