TEDxDavenport 2023
October 12th, 5:30-7:30pm
Capitol Theater, Downtown Davenport

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TEDxDavenport is About Local, Regional, and National Ideas Worth Sharing

TEDxDavenport engages the Quad Cities community with ideas that spark global conversations.

We live in one of the most creative and forward-thinking metro areas in the USA. Davenport, located on the banks of the Mississippi, was built by entrepreneurs, artists, groundbreaking educators, technology mavens, award-winning designers, consumer experts, leading medical practitioners, and pioneer manufacturing visionaries. Our community was built by immigrants, refugees, and transplants of all backgrounds and races from all over the world. This vibrancy of thinking and culture fuels our vision: a world strengthened by shared curiosity!


What's the Latest?

We are on the verge of TEDxDavenport 2023, coming up on October 12th!

This year, TEDxDavenport is here to create intersections and catalyze connections. We’ve made a lot of progress in our world already. But when we seek to cross paths and learn from each other, we begin to foster a stronger, more inclusive world, together. In this increasingly diverse way of being, we should be practicing how to step outside our comfort zones, engage with different perspectives, and actively listen to those with whom we may disagree.

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