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Figge Art Museum
June 2018

Theme: Limitless

Every day, we wake up to challenges within us and between us. It’s about open conversation, shared discovery, and embracing a clear-eyed sense of hope. And learning from others who have found - or are in the process of finding – opportunity is limitless.


The Reality We Create: Expectations and Education

Jake Klipsch

Good Service is Killing Your Business

Anna Dolce

The Best Kept Secret in Construction

Michael Johnson

Go with your Gut and say No to Addiction

Dr. Sayed Shah

The Foreign Language of Financial Literacy

Natalie Torres-Haddad

Winning From Last Place

Jeff Hobbs

Sharpen the Axe

Dustin James

A New Kind of Hero: America’s Great Untapped Workforce

Kyle Horn

Empowerment Through Technology

Jodi Prosise

Clean Drinking Water For All

Oscar Bravo

We All Have An F-ing Problem

Folashade Butler

I Love Math, and So Should You

Linda Baxley

What happens when we trade data for super powers?

Jaimy Szymanski

Great Grandma Was Right – Posture Matters!

Michelle Joyce

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