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Adler Theater
June 2022

Theme: Epiphany

Claiming our identities, we reveal our strengths and what makes us unique. By sharing our knowledge, our experiences, and our true selves, we discover what is common among us. We cannot connect without listening.


Bending the Arc of History

Terrence Franklin

Parents and Teens Can Communicate If You Know How

Ruth Oelrich

Sex Trafficking in Plain Sight

Rebecca Bender

Stand Up the Heroism in Each of Us

Michael Hurley

We still have too few women in leadership. Now what?

Laurie McGraw

What’s My Motivation?

Kevin Reome

Don’t Avoid Obstacles. Overcome Them.

Jessie Adams

Why doctors don't wash their hands and other medical mysteries

Dr. Robert Pearl


David Cohen

Decoding the Hustle Mentality

Bushra Amiwala

Soil is the Solution

Bernardo Llorente

Why not just get rid of the Dark Web?

Aaron Warner

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