January 16th, 2019

Putnam Museum - Giant Screen Theater


How do you see the world? Do you have big ideas that you believe can make a significant change in our city, community, region, or across the globe? Share your big idea with the Quad Cities on the TEDxYouth stage! We are looking for speakers between the ages of 14-24 to share their big ideas and perspectives, and show our community who the real change makers are.

This Year's Speakers:

Amari Walker – Performance Poetry

Maitreyi Shrikhande – Volunteering

Nia Walker, Nina Lanciloti, Lily Chen - Discrimination

Sarah Cronk – Inclusive Cheerleading

Liam Max Haskill – Foster Care

Nick Harris - Overcoming Obstacles

Wini Aboyure - Learning

Jess Elliott – Ocean Pollution

Quentin Powers – Paleontology

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