Speak at a TEDx in the Quad Cities Event

Though our speakers come from all disciplines and all industries both within and beyond the Quad Cities area, all have an idea worth spreading and a passion to share it. Our speakers present bold, radical ideas that challenge standard conceptions, present new understandings of our world, or uniquely add to established bodies of work. Their talks are well-formatted, visually inspiring, and act as a launching point both for their idea and themselves.


Presenting your idea on the TEDxDavenport stage is a serious commitment, requiring hours of effort, rehearsal, communications, and a commitment to meeting our requirements. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the speaker lineup. If any of this criteria is an issue, please let us know.


You’re required to submit talk outlines, slides, and other information at specific times prior to speaking at the conference.

Working Together

You’re expected to work alongside us to curate your talk for our audience, our venue, production value, and optimal impact.


You’re expected to be present for the duration of the conference, interacting with attendees before and after your talk.


You’re required to attend a dress rehearsal in Davenport and possibly online rehearsals with the curator.


The entire TEDxDavenport organizing team is here to help you prepare for the most powerful, impactful talk you’ve ever given. To that end, please integrate the following guidelines into your presentation. Failure to do so may result in a poor-quality talk or removal from the stage.

- Sharp, Focused Content

- Go Deep, Not Broad

- 3-18 Minutes Maximum

- Interactivity is a Plus

- Include Visuals or Props

- Include Data or Research

- With Exception, No Note Cards

- No Religious, Corporate, or Political Plugs

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